Monday, October 24, 2011

These are our good friends Dave and Anne.....we first met around eleven or twelve years ago where we camp every summer...a camp that is called Fairhavens Bible Conference grounds.....they have their trailer permanently there also. Dave and Anne are around the same age as hubby and I ...they were also foster parents for a lot of years, just as we were, they have biological children and many adopted kids, just as we do......we have many things in common....there aren't very many couples that can truly relate to what we are going thru with our lifestyle and kids....they are going thru the same's truly a wonderful friendship.

Last week Dave was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of prostrate cancer.....they'll be going thru more testing...bone scan and cat scan to see if it has spread....please pray that it hasn't ...please pray that it is contained and the doctors can remove ALL of it....


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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. Said a prayer for your dear friends.