Friday, September 2, 2011

The Last Week of Summer

Good Morning Company Girls!

Ah yes....I'm very well aware that summer doesn't officially end for a couple of more weeks...but...I'm still a mom of kids going back to school this Tuesday and to this mom, summer is done this weekend....I've often wondered when I don't have kids going 'back to school' whether I'll finally be able to change my thinking..I don't know has been over 30 years of sending kids 'back to school'...time will tell I guess.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine again...of having my days to myself...except for the never-ending appointments with the will be nice to have the kids actually doing something with their days instead of staring, open mouthed at the television!

Maya comes back home on Monday! In the last year she's been home two months....I think there will be some adjustments to be made...on all our parts...I spent all day last saturday getting her room ready....Maya is a hoarder...that really is an ugly name isn't it? Let's say that she just likes to keep things....everything.....I was ruthless and I really hope she doesn't get upset with me....maybe she won't notice the tag from a pair of work gloves...old candy canes....valentine cards...
cards of all sorts....running shoes that were worn to death....a plethora of unmatched socks with gigantic holes in reports that she handed in 3-4 years ago....and the list goes on....and she has the smallest room in the house...about 8 x, her room is definitely cleaner than when she left....someone said I should take a picture cause when she returns, with all her stuff it probably won't look like that again! I hope..that it will be good to have her home....she really is a pretty good kid...with a smile that lights up her whole face....we'll see how next week goes.

The grandkids are suppose to be coming and staying overnite tonight....their mom and dad have to travel to a city a couple of hours away first thing in the morning so, they will stay with's actually a pretty good trade cause hubby had some Marriott hotel points saved up so instead of spending Monday going up north to get Maya and coming back on the same day....we plan on leaving on Sunday, going to a town not too far away from Maya...staying the night...going to pick her up on Monday...then travel to Parry Sound,..another hour away...Maya hasn't seen new little Samuel yet...and she's dying to...Maya loves the babies....then....we'll make the 3 hour trek back home....that will be much, much longer since it's the end of the holiday weekend and EVERYONE will be coming down from up's safe to say that it will most definitely take longer than the three hours! All this to say.....daughter and family will stay at our house Sunday keep an eye on our teens and dogs in a trade off to us looking after their kids tonight and tomorrow....sounds good, right?

That's about all for now.....Emma was up to her usual tricks this week...but you really don't want to hear about that..suffice to say..if your a praying person that we could really use some!

Take care and have a lovely long weekend!

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Katharine said...

Good Morning Company Girl!
Praying for emma, and for your firat week of school...It's still so hot I can hardly believe it's here!
Enjoy your long weekend!

Diane said...

You know, I have no kids, and am 30 years away from my college graduation, and I STILL mark the "back to school" days. Working at a university helps, but I have always loved fall, the "bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils" (best movie line ever) and the excitement of a new year ahead.

Will pray for Emma- and for patience and discernment on how to deal with things. Have a blesed weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

Is it wrong to say that I am not the only one feeling a little ho hum right now? I can totally relate to the Hoarding. My middle son is like that and his room is a nightmare...even when I clean it, it looks like a mess!

I'm so sorry you are still having trouble with Emma. I will lift you up in prayer this week!

therealkc said...

Have fun with your grandkids. I'll be saying a prayer for everything needed for your situation with Emma that God will bring you through this rough period.

joyceandnorm said...

While it is the end of summer over here as well, the temps are starting to go up. =\ We have "Indian summers" over here I guess. Today is a "hot" day at around 82*F right now. I think I used to be that kid with the open mouth staring at the TV screen during the summer...haha I'm not sure when that will start to happen around here as we don't have a TV. =p I know! It's a shock. Enjoy the family time this weekend.

Mama Duck said...

Hello, nice to meet you :) how wonderful to have so many children and grandchildren to love. I hope to be the mother of a large family one day! At the moment I'm starting on baby #2 :) Lovely stoppping by from Home Sanctuary :)