Friday, April 1, 2011

My Gang!

The Grandchildren!
William is sitting on Honour's lap, Afton is next...the guy smiling in the middle is Jairus, then Verity and then Donovan!!
Jairus officially entered into the double digits this week when he celebrated his tenth birthday on Wednesday!
William is 16 months, Honour is 7, Afton is 2, Jairus is 10, Verity is 5 and Donovan is 6.
Honour and Verity love getting into my bathtub and have a ball...they turn on the air jets and make all sorts of bubbles!!

William, last Saturday morning waiting for his papa to give him his breakfast....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, last weekend was a wonderful, very busy weekend.....I told you about wee grandson William coming and on Sunday I invited another grandson Donovan to come was a wonderful time having all the grandkids you can see in the pictures's not easy getting all six kids looking at the camera at the same time!

William arrived (with his parents) about 1 o'clock on Friday.....I will admit to being a little concerned because I really haven't spent a lot of time with him since he was a newborn...and I highly doubt he'd remember that! Other times when they've been visiting, there's always a lot of family around to amuse and take care of him and I rarely get the opportunity....all my concerns were for nothing really because he was just fine...he ate well, he played, he had his bath (although he protested at getting his hair washed!) and he went down to sleep without a peep! He slept right through the night!! The next day he was absolutely no problem at all and in the afternoon his mommy and daddy came back home. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed getting to know this littlest grandson!

In the evening hubby and I went to Toronto a Steven Curtis Chapman concert...hubby had purchased the tickets months before so we had already told our son and his wife that we'd be out for the evening when they called to ask us to babysit....It was a very good concert....and a lovely evening out and about! Toronto isn't one of my favourite places to go , but it was really one of the outlying suburbs so that was okay.

The next day was Sunday which of course started with church and our Sunday school program....usually I come home exhausted and hubby makes lunch but this time son Ryan and his wife Jenn and William had to leave in the middle of the afternoon so we had our 'big dinner', when I got home from church I immediately started whipping up the batter for the Yorkshire family loves Yorkshire so I make four batches....Donovan arrived, which was great because we hadn't seen him in months...his mom and his dad(my son Corey) aren't married and not together anymore, so it's a little difficult and complicated to see him regularly.

Then daughterLauren came by and decided to have lunch with us..which was's a rare Sunday that I don't make what my kids call 'a big meal' and everyone is invited to come if they want to, kind of an open invitation...most times Lauren and Paul have other plans but sometimes they come. I'm glad Lauren decided to come..I knew she'd want to see William too!

It was a full dinner table with fifteen sitting at it...a little noisy at times but it was just great...I love having everyone come together ...there was just enough food...roast beef, roasted potatoes, gravy, peas and corn and of course the Yorkshire pudding....I think everyone enjoyed it!

At the end of the day, when everyone had left...I was picking up this and that..doing a little tidying...and hubby came up to me and gave me a hug...and whispered...'do you hear it'?....I said 'what'....'the quiet' he said.....ya,....the family is great...and I love having them all..but when everyone leaves..oh the quiet...the quiet is nice.


One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a wonderful, blessed weekend...but I agree, sometimes quiet is SOOOO nice!

So glad things went well for the weekend, hope this week has been okay, been praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Double digits is a huge deal...and then into the teen yrs. Hehe

Wee William is getting so big! I remember when you were talking about the day he was born.

What a treat to enjoy a SCC concert. We have heard him sing at quite a few events.

I understand about having family over, and then the quiet. =) I sometimes wonder how I was ever a PreK teacher with a class of up to 32 students.

Hope this weekend will be fill with rest.

Katharine said...

What a wonderful thing it is to have family together around the table. One reason we moved houses was to be able to have enough space for our children to come home after they have thier own families... our kids said "Hey, this will be the grandkid house" and we are looking forward to it(although not for some time)
Blessings on your day!!

LydiaCate said...

What a good looking bunch of grand kids! I love the pictures. You are so is extremely hard to get a crew that large to look at the camera at the same time. You just have to go with it. I'm so glad you all had a good visit! You are creating wonderful memories for your kids and grands! I have rich memories of Sunday lunches at my grandparents' home.
Blessings to you!

jennibell said...

Oh, I'm thinking that table would be so fun to host!!! I hope that's in my future. . .but I think the quiet would be a wonderful reprieve also :) Glad you had such a wonderful weekend with all your Loves. . .

Marianne said...

That is wonderful that the whole family managed to get together with you last weekend. Looks like they all had a good time. And so good to hear that William was such a good baby.
I have been trying to talk my mother in law into having my almost 2 year old over, but so far she thinks it is to much work. She has my almost 7 year old on sleepover every week though. I will just have to pray that she will find it in her heart to take to Sofie too.
It is always nice with company, but the quiet afterwards is almost sacred. Mmm, the days when hubby takes the kids out.

Jen said...

Having all the family together is wonderful! Great picture of the grandkids!
Have a great week.

no spring chicken said...

How blessed you are! I pray that someday my couch will look like that!! someday!!
Blessings, Debbie