Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood.....

Of course when will I ever learn to load the pics in backwards order!! This is Maya and the other two girls on the team of ten young people that went down to Costa Rica....this pic was actually taken when they were coming home..... Here's Maya and one of the many friends that she made in Costa Rica....
One of many beautiful sunset pictures she took...they even have a specific 'sunset time' on the schedule where they all gather at a certain spot and sing praise choruses and pray..every day...neat eh?

The cabins that the team stayed in...

...and this is a very scared Maya getting ready for take off on her very first plane ride....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, it's a beautiful, sunny in Southern Ontario...when the kids left for school it was a whole 8 degrees Celsius...which is about 46 Fahrenheit....I know not overly warm but a lot nicer than some of the frigid ones we've had lately....according to my little weather thingy on my sidebar, we're actually warmer than Seattle right now!...but then again they're three hours behind us so they will probably catch up!

So, that's the weather covered...what else...well, it's a long weekend here....some parts of Canada celebrate Family Day...that's a holiday that government felt we needed in the middle of February to help get us through our looooooooong winter! You are suppose to do family type things on Monday...I think this is like the third or fourth year for it...last year hubby didn't even get it off because his company decided to give us an extra day at the July 1st holiday...Canada Day....yeah I know the Americans celebrate on the 4th....anyways, sufficient to say we really didn't do anything and this year we have nothing planned...probably just working around the house...hey...that can be a family thing right?

Saw a great status on Facebook yesterday....I think it was on commenter LydiaCate's....she was repeating something she heard on a radio of those things that stop and give you pause....'Are you courageous enough to let God write the testimony of your child's life'? Ya...makes you stop and think doesn't second oldest son is still in jail...he grew up in our family...learned about God just as all the kids have...accepted Jesus into his heart..just like all the kids have.....but...yet...he's in jail...for the third time.....he's twenty-seven years old....there are some kids that I will admit that it's harder to let God write their want to step want to fix can't.

Today is hubby's Friday off....maybe we'll mosey on down to Niagara-on-the-Lake for awhile...maybe have tea in the Irish to connect with my Irish roots every now and's the closest I'll ever get to Ireland to be sure! Of course, if it's hubby's Friday off, it must be grocery day....good grief..means buying food kids at home are already all taller than'd think I could stop feeding them now! Maybe we'll be able to get the paint for my quilt room, that is shopping to look forward to!

So, have a great weekend...take care!


Jen said...

The pics of Maya are great! So glad she had such a wonderful time. And you day off sounds divine! I would love to go to Ireland someday!

Diane said...

What lovely pictures of Maya! And for someone who was scared, she had a lovely smile!

Love that quote - in many things we tend to hang on tightly, when we really should let go and trust God to, well, be God. Great reminder.

Katharine said...

Hey, you are celebrating Family day the same way we are...working around the house! lol. Lovely pictures of Maya's trip! Hope your enjoying some good irish tea!

jennibell said...

Great pics at the beginning of the post. . .must be great to get to *see* where she is and her adventures :) Have a good weekend!

mholgate said...

So good to finally see pictures of Maya's trip! :)

I hope you have a lovely afternoon with the hubby. I am enjoying having mine home today as well. It's nice to have a four day weekend with the family.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics with us! Glad it was a good trip for her. Praying that she will find something to do after the summer.

Brooke said...

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog-I really appreciate it! :)

Lea said...

Maya looks great, even on the plane. :o)

Love that status and what truth but so difficult at times. So, so sorry about your son.

Hope you and Hubby enjoyed shopping today. :o)

Bountiful blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

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