Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, a Happy New Year to one and all!

It's been awhile since I has a way of getting in the way of doing the things you like...for instance, I haven't been able to do one bit of quilting this whole darn holiday!!! Priorities, please people!!

I will admit to you that this holiday was the hardest one that I've ever gone through....never in a million years did I think that it would be ever this hard without my dad.....if you still have your dad living please treasure him...please show him how much you care and just how much he means to you...not that I didn't when my dad was alive but I didn't realize just how deep the pain would go, and I'd give anything to wrap my arms around him just one more time.

I was really slow in doing the Christmas shopping this year...just kept putting it off..until two weeks before Christmas I was in despair because I only had stuff for the grands and nothing for the kids....I couldn't figure out why...I'm one of these people that starts planning in the summer and purchasing in the fall to spread it out so it's easier on our bank account...not this I pondered this I realized that by putting it off, I was actually putting Christmas off....I didn't want it to happen...I poured it on and had all the shopping done by Christmas eve.

One of the gifts that I wrapped and put under the tree was a watch that used to belong to my was given to him by his place of employment when he retired. I found it while cleaning out mom and dad's house and thought that I'd just keep it for a occurred to me when eldest son successfully defended his thesis a few weeks ago that he might like it. I knew my dad would be thrilled and very proud that Ryan had become 'a doctor' after all his years of hard dad was a hard worker, and he respected those who worked hard to achieve a goal. I knew my dad would be pleased so I took it to the watchmaker and had a new battery put in and put it under the tree. Ryan is my traditional child.....I knew he would appreciate it and I hope he treasures it as much as I did.

Someone asked me last week what my most favourite gift was....I would have to say that it was the envelope in the Christmas tree that Ryan wanted me to open I did...inside was something wrapped quite i tugged at the wrapping I caught a glimpse of an ultrasound picture and I instantly knew that it was of my very newest grandbaby!! As you know, Ryan and Jenn were expecting earlier but had a miscarriage.....we are praying that this little one grows safe and strong and hopefully, Lord willing will be born part way thru the summer months. There was nothing else that could have had a positive impact on me as that on such a difficult day...Praise the Lord!

Corey, number two son did not show up for Christmas dinner even though he said he was planning to....I haven't heard anything from him...I tried calling but his significant other said he wasn't there and didn't know when to expect him...he usually calls on New Years Eve but we didn't hear from him either...he's definitely one of my kids that's wandering in the wilderness.....I wish I could help him in some way but he's truly messed.

So that's the we're having a little dinner for Maya who is leaving tomorrow to go back to camp up north and then on Thursday she and her team will be travelling to Detroit to catch their flight early Friday morning to Houston and then on to Costa Rica. The team will be there until February 4. It's a new experience for her and for this momma....but as usual I'll put on my acting face and send her out for this greatest and newest adventure!

Have a happy new year one and all!

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joyceandnorm said...

I love reading about your 'adventures' whether good or bad you get through it. Congrats to the new little one on the way. I will be praying. And for Maya as well. Our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child ended up in Panama so I will remember since CR is close by. =)