Friday, October 1, 2010


Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, it's another lovely fall day here in Southern Ontario...the sun is shining!...We haven't seen too much of that this usual, it's been a very busy week....appointments with dentists, went to quilt class where I'm learning how to make a stack and whack quilt, my siblings and my mom went to the cemetery on Wednesday to see my dad's was finally installed...looks lovely....

but today is hubby's day off...sometime today we have to get the grocery shopping done...and then tonight my one grandson, that I don't see very often..(his mom and dad aren't married and he's mostly with his mom), is coming to sleep should be interesting since we really haven't had any amount of time with him since Easter!

So..have a lovely weekend.....I am buying our turkey today cause next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving...I'm actually buying it for my kids to cook...cause we're not suppose to be Thursday hubby and I are suppose to fly to San Antonio for the weekend!!! He used his 25 year gift certificate from the company he works for to purchase a few nights at a hotel right on the Riverwalk...I'm very excited and looking forward to it soooo much! With everything that has happened in the last six months we truly need a break from all the things we've dealt with and continue to do so.

Have a great weekend!


mholgate said...

Hello there! I tried to link from Home Sanctuary but it didn't work so I just went through my blog to find you. :)

The sun is shining here too. I've been taking advantage of a nice week, trying to store it all up because it's supposed to be a long, cold winter here!

Have a wonderful time with your hubby on your get away next weekend! May you come back truly refreshed.

So good to be back for coffee...I missed this a lot. It's nice to catch up on how everyone is doing.


Jen said...

You are coming to my state! I actually went to college in San Antonio and hung out at the Riverwalk so very often. I will actually be there next weekend for the Women of Joy conference. Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your grandson time!! And can't wait to hear all about your trip. Have a safe one. And hope you are able to have a time of refreshment from the daily stuff of life.

One More Equals Four said...

I'm with Melissa, the link didn't work and I had to search for you the hard way! That's okay, it is worth it! So glad you will get to see your grandson, what a blessing.

I hope you have an amazing trip. San Antonio is still several hours from here, but it is still so close of these days we are just going to have to have a Coffee Talk weekend to meet all the girls!

Enjoy your time with hubby today!