Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Irish Quilts and Donneybrooks!

Yesterday was a wonderful day....until I got home...but first the day...

Some time ago an older lady from the church who has been such a friend to me invited the ladies from our quilting group to attend a quilt show with her. My sister and I were the only ones that were able to go and Marilyn just squealed in delight when I said that we would go....she really is a sweetheart...anyways....when we agreed I really had no idea of the schedule for the day. First of all we had to meet the coach bus......ya...I went on a bus....haven't been on a bus since before I was married and had to take a coach bus into the city every day to go to work......and I don't want to seem coach bus snobbish...but......I much prefer my own vehicle.....you know...leave when I want to leave....stop for a snack or washroom break when I needed to...not when it was scheduled for 50 women to stop.......you must visualize the picture here people......50 women + one Tim Horton's + one washroom with three stalls!!!!!!....ya, I think you get my drift.......so we had to meet this coach bus at 7:45am!!!! ...which means that I got up at 6 a.m.,...the middle of the night.....(hubby argued with me on this point but I firmly maintain that if I'm still in bed and it's still pitch black dark out...then obviously it's the middle of the night! So, we boarded the bus, made one rest stop along the way and arrived at our destination around 11 a.m. The community centre was filled with quilts from Ireland...being of Irish descent is the reason why it caught the interest of sister and I. The quilts were very beautiful.....sister got many ideas for changing, once again the quilt she's presently designing....we had lunch...looked some more.....but we were finished about 2-1/2 hours before the bus was ready to leave....another drawback of not having your own vehicle. By this time sister and I were definitely flagging as our energy just seeped out our toes....but finally the bus was ready to leave. On the way home we made a stop at a Swiss Chalet restaurant and had a lovely chat with some ladies that we hadn't met as of yet....they almost convince me that joining their guild would be a fun thing...but that would be an evening out.....which, I will explain in a minute why that would be a problem!

So we arrived back in the city about 8:30 p.m. and then sister had to drive to her place and then I drove home....and was met by four teens all tattle tailing at once...even the two dogs stuck to me like glue when I walked in the door, as if they too were trying to tell me about all that had taken place...(it really is too bad that they can't talk because I might have got the whole truth from them!)

Apparently, youngest daughter Megan had a huge blow up....not quite sure what triggered it yet....but the blow up included hitting, scratching kicking...not only her siblings but the dog, breaking things as she threw them at sibs and pushing furniture over.....this is the abbreviated version....I'll spare you the details...(I wish that I'd been spared).....so, you can see why that since hubby teaches 3 evenings a week, I really think that it's unlikely that I'd be able to attend a guild meeting.....sigh....it would have been nice I'm sure.

When I agreed to go on this little day trip I didn't figure on arriving home so late and the kids being at home for as long as they were...normally, one would be able to leave a 14, 16, 17, and 18 year old for a few hours but in this family that would be a loud resounding NO!

...it really was a lovely day.....

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your day didn't exactly end up on a good note...as it is with kids sometimes. I don't do too well with public transportation either...one reason we moved out of San Francisco. I'm glad it was a good day otherwise, but sounded like a long one.