Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Houston warm in February?

Well, it's Monday and anyone that knows me knows just how much I love Mondays...especially when hubby starts teaching a new semester! That means on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, he leaves for work at 7:30 a.m. and doesn't return home til anywhere between 10 and 10:45 p.m. This makes for a very long day.....I find myself totally lacking in any ambition to make decent suppers for the kids.....they don't mind...really, they don' fact..they quite enjoy getting what they want...or Emma makes something, like pancakes for everyone. The only trouble is or was that when hubby finished classes last December for the semester and was all of a sudden home for a month of evenings, he was looking for 'decent' meals and I was completely out of habit! Hubby has surprised me...again....but you mustn't tell the youngest 4 cause they'll have a cow! He has to go to Houston next month for a conference....and.........he wants to use his airmiles and take me too!!!!!!!!! Yea!! Oh,'ll be so nice to have a break.....goodness gracious but I need it........tooooooooooo much stress in this life right now......yes, my doggie is still not bodily functioning correctly.....really don't know what to do! But, poor doggie is just the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes........

I saw some ads for a movie that just came out that reminded me of my own life.....I think it's called Bridal got me to remembering a little over 35 years ago when hubby and I decided to wed......there were 2 other girls at our church who were getting married all within a short time of each girl Sharon, who was a very good friend, in fact we were in each others wedding parties, was having difficulty finding a reception place. I said...well why don't you try our place......she did...there was a vacancy and they booked the place....a few months before our date. The second girl, Pauline, wasn't a 'good' friend, just in the 'group' but we were friendly.......I kept waiting for Pauline to announce her date...I knew ours was the 16th of June but I didn't want to mention it until I heard Pauline's.......I kept waiting and announcement....finally I said..'ah, to heck with it' and announced it.......a week later Pauline announced hers.....June the 9th......and then to add insult to injury, she booked the same reception place.....that meant that people that attended our church that were invited to both weddings, went to the same wedding reception place and had the same food...two weeks in a row! That meant that of the three weddings, in the same church, in the same year...that they were all at the same reception place....the place that I found but was the last to, you can just guess what everyone was saying.......ya, ya...I know...water under the bridge........but at the time, I was truly ticked!!! Oh, and make matters even worse....every girl that grew up in that church, looked forward to 'her church wedding shower' was usually a huge deal, everyone felt very special.......well, because Pauline's and my wedding were so close together the church ladies decided, yes, and rightly so, but at the time I was very combine the showers.....put them together into one big happy time....didn't I just feel so special.......okay, I was just a little, teensy bit bitter.......Isn't amazing the innocent things that dredge up feelings you had completely forgotten about.

By the way, Pauline and her hubby ended up having a heatwave on their wedding day and I must admit to feeling a little smug.......see, I really am a terrible person...deep, deep, deep down.

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm cracking up...I think I could have dealt with everything but the combined shower. I've had a combo baby shower before (for both our third babies so I considered myself blessed to have a shower period) but a wedding? Man, the things church ladies can come up

I'm so glad you've gotten over the bitterness...maybe..LOL