Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Half Way Thru February......

I will freely admit to anyone that cares to listen that the first three months of the year, are not my favourite.....in fact on my best day...I endure them.
I just want to get on with spring...which is my favourite season, and I realize there have been many cold Aprils, it doesn't matter....April is Spring...c'mon Spring.....
No more heavy, cumbersome coats, mitts, scarves......boots!..even though I own a pair, I rarely wear them unless I'm absolutely forced by the weather, to do so.....aren't you about ready for the flowers to be coming up buds on the trees, the grass greening up and milder temperatures? I am!

Today, it's snowing! We really haven't had a lot of snow this winter...eldest son, who lives three hours north claims that we really don't know what winter is truly all about...and that's just fine by me! He can keep his -35 degree Celsius temperatures!
We had a mild spell a few weeks ago and the robins returned early....now they are so confused...I can just hear one saying to the other...whose brilliant idea was it to come back early! Can't you just hear the bickering and the pointing of the beaks!

Oh well, as in other years, this too shall pass.....hopefully, sooner, rather than later....we will once again enjoy the lilacs blooming and the daffodils coming up...the lily of the valley taking over my garden and my beautiful tulips nodding at me as I walk down the front pathway....

~ Marie

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