Monday, October 19, 2015


There are only a few Mondays left before our newest grandson is born....we've been told that the baby is doing well, growing well, good heartbeat.....

Two weeks ago, this baby's father died....he was in the local jail, on many charges...he'd been there since June...his court date was scheduled for October 30. He died of a drug overdose.....he was twenty years old.

Before you feel any kind of sympathy feelings toward him or to his unborn son, you should know that this wasn't his first time in was at least his fourth, that I'm aware of. He was a young man with a volatile, explosive temper....a temper that he took out on our daughter...many times ...and on our unborn grand daughter...last year...before she also died, as the result of a terrible fall her mother had.

I will admit to not feeling sad when I got the news two weeks ago, but when I attended his funeral with my daughter, a week later, I felt sadness....sadness for his father, who stood at his grave site..looking bereft.....I felt sadness that this young man, foolishly threw his life away before he really experienced true life.

Before you feel sorry for his unborn son, growing up without his father....don't.

Last year, he was a terrible father towards his unborn daughter...a wee tiny baby who was born covered in bruises....and they weren't all from the doubt, this young man had severe mental and emotional problems that caused him to have absolutely no respect for human life, caused him to render blow after blow to the pregnant belly of our daughter that resulted in bruises on his own daughter.

If you feel anything for little Malachi, for that is what she's chosen to call her son, feel concern for his life as he grows up with a mother that is far too immature to parent a baby, a mother that can barely look after herself, a mother who is quick to blame others for her sorry, messed up life. If you pray to God, then pray that Malachi will be safe, that he will be fed properly, that he will be sheltered , that he will be loved.

His grandfather and I will do the best we can......but with the responsibilities of three intellectually delayed adults still living in our home, the amount and the frequency of how and when we can help is questionable.

We pray for him, we pray that he will be safe.......

Little babies deserve so much much more.

Malachi's delivery date is set for four Mondays from today, on the sixteenth of November at 2:00pm.

May God have mercy on him.

~ Marie

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