Thursday, February 5, 2015

She's Here!

Juniper Mae Wettlaufer was born at 2:00am, Thursday, January 29, 2015

Isn't she just beautiful? Her papa and I certainly think so!

We were so privileged to be able to attend her birth and I was even able to be in the birthing's a marvellous, breath holding experience and one I never tire of......

Unfortunately, later on that morning, after a few very short hours of sleep, a snow storm was moving in so by noon we were suppose to be back on the road for home. Hubby had to teach his college class that evening and we couldn't leave our adult kids unattended any longer.....we had arranged for our church secretary to come and sleep at our house on Wednesday night while we were three hours away, but couldn't prevail upon her for longer.

This is one of the things I was going to point out to the perspective adopting foster parents at Childrens Aid this past Monday night.....if this huge storm hadn't come through the area and closed everything down! You see, when you have developmentally delayed young just can't leave them overnight to their own devices.....that would be like leaving a 4,9 and 13 year old on their own, since that is the comprehension level of our 18, 23, and 22 year old children/adults that we have in our home. This is something to consider as none of the children coming into care these days and are available for adoption, haven't been affected by prenatal alcohol poisoning which will result in FAS.....a terrible brain damaging result of the mother drinking alcohol or doing drugs while pregnant. The foster/adoptive parents need to realize that this is a real possibility for their lives if they choose to go ahead and adopt.

Usually, I would have also either stayed to help with the new baby or went back up there ( they live three hours away) to help out for a week or two, but unfortunately the month of February is filled with appointments and events that are cast in stone and can not be changed.....things such as cardiology testing for Megan, who was born with a severe heart condition, a needle appointment for keep her hormone levels on an even keel to help to prevent her from having an emotional break, another appointment with Megan's cardiologist , taking Ben to city hall to help a social worker with a presentation to get more funding for a bus program....Ben successfully took this program and is a positive example of how it helps developmentally delayed young adults to navigate the transit system so they can be independent to some degree.....and like I mentioned, I did have that appointment to go and talk to foster parents who are wanting to adopt.....a presentation of a very pleasant activity....a bridal shower has been planned for Sara....Sara and our son Paul plan on marrying in's an exciting time and the plans for the shower have been going on for months!

So, this is the month of February, .....all filled up with things that couldn't be changed and so staying up north, helping out with the baby, getting to know our new grand daughter ( that's the part I regret the most) will not happen this month. Fortunately for Juniper and her parents, her other grand parents are there , helping with all the things that need to be done when a new member of the family comes home.........but I do miss doing that.....a lot.

So, we will see what the month of March brings....hopefully no more snow! Then onto April.....then I feel like I can breathe......I don't like the first three months of the year and always breathe a sigh of relief when they are's to most favourite time of the year!

I'll leave you with one more little picture of Juniper with her big brothers, William and Samuel....who I think are quite pleased with there new little sister....

~ Marie

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juniper said...

Thanks Mom. A lovely post and welcoming of little Juniper :)