Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Morning Company Girls!

Rachel mentioned in her note today about Christmas memories and it got me to thinking....thinking about Christmases as a child...a couple of memories came to was when I was quite young, probably about six or seven....I had gone to bed with a loose tooth....but when I awoke it was nowhere to be found! I was quite dismayed and was no where in my bed,..I must have swallowed it! My dad, now I really can't remember why he did this but he took me to the bathroom because just the thought of swallowing my tooth gave me a stomach, there we were Christmas morning, in the dad and I...I'm sitting there and my dad is keeping me company, holding my hand. My older sister had run downstairs and was so excited and kept running to the bottom of the stairs to tell me what was under the tree..I remember dad telling her not to do that, let me see on my own....when I finally got to go downstairs, I found that my sister and I had received new dollies from Santa...Betsy Wetsy gave her a bottle and she wet her diaper! Mine had blond hair and my sister's had brown. I kept mine for years and gave it to my eldest daughter when she was a toddler!

The other memory was when my sister and I were older...probably into our teens...we'd always planned to get up in the middle of the poor parents..quite often they would have just finally gotten into bed...and we'd sneak out of our bedrooms and when we got to the living room, we'd make all sorts of noise to wake them up! One year my dad played a trick on us...back then we ate a lot of pasta or rice in our house growing up! dad bought them in 50lb bags........well, one Christmas Eve, my sister and I had gone to bed and woke up around 2:30 or 3 a.m.,.....we snuck to our bedroom door........slowwwwwwwly opening the quietly as possible....when we both let out a humongous scream!!!!! My dad had tied the empty potato bag so it was hanging in front of our door! Dad was quite pleased with his joke and how he had finally gotten back at us after all those years of us waking them up in the middle of the night!

The funny thing is that my hubby is very firm about when our kids get used to be 8a.m., but now it's 9 a.m.,.....the older we get the longer they have to wait! The one blessing with having teens is that they usually like to sleep in anyways!

Memories....they can be a wonderful thing....hope you and yours will be making wonderful memories this Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of our King!

Merry Christmas everyone!


One More Equals Four said...

What precious memories! I love remembering childhood Christmas memories! They were much more carefree back then!

Have a blessed week!

Erin said...

What great memories. My parent's had to implement some strategy to keep us in our rooms, so they placed our stockings in our rooms so we could play with them until my parents woke up. We now use that tradition for our kids.

Merry Christmas

joyceandnorm said...

Waiting is the best part! It makes it all the better. =p Norm always ask, "Don't you want to open your presents now?" haha My little sister would be the one up earliest. It's so cold some Christmas mornings, you just want to stay in bed. =p I sure hope to find time to blog between the lunches or dinners, going out to look at Christmas lights/decorations, and gift-wrapping. Have a great weekend.

J9 said...

My favorite Christmas memories are of the big Christmas dinners, when we used to all squeeze into the basement room on McNeilly Rd, then Papa putting on his Santa hat to hand out the gifts. Les and I always used to find our own little corner (usually by the front door, hidden behind the half-wall) where we'd hole up and ooh and aah over each other's haul!

The Queen Mommy said...

Oh I loved your memories. How funny about your hubby and waiting til 9 am. Sounds like my dad - only he wouldn't make us wait quite that long. =)

Beth said...

The potato bag is hilarious! Even as an adult, I always just want to sleep over at Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve. There's just something about being at home.

mholgate said...

Great memories! My sister and I used to wake up extra early to check our stockings. Since we didn't have much money for presents when I was a kid, we got two stockings. They were always filled with fun little games and things to keep us busy until my parents woke up. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Les said...

I've never heard your tooth story....Did I tell you that Jairus swallowed his last tooth? A couple weeks ago--that bottom right tooth he lost. It was so loose and than at breakfast suddenly he was getting my attention and pointing to the space. He was so pleased, but I was a little dismayed that the tooth was nowhere to be found! I'm pretty sure it went down with the Corn least he wasn't bothered by it!

UKZoe said...

heeheee on the teens getting up later anyway. One year my aunt got her adult children up at 5am on Christmas day to open gifts. It was her way of getting back at them!