Friday, March 20, 2009

March Break

Good Evening Company Girls!

My good heavens!..It's been a very long and tiring week....I was the director of a V.B.S. at our church this week plus I was also the craft director. So, that's means that a lot of my life in the last three months has had the cloud of V.B.S. hanging over it! Plus....after I had prepared crafts for about fifty.....the registration increased to 96 and so for the last week and a half I've been doing crafts....non stop crafts all day and all evening....I really don't want to see another craft for a very long time! Anyways, we did average in the seventies each day and the kids had a great time. I was a little concerned because a good 80% of the kids were 'unchurched' fact, quite frankly I'm praying that they all, including their parents, return Sunday evening for our final program. The kids worked hard all week learning their music and doing their crafts......and if they don't come back I'll have about 350 crafts on my hands! eek!

Another thing that happened this week was that my son in the Army came home for March break....when you're in the army here you get a lot of holidays! So, in the middle of the week he went back to the base overnight and came home with a tattoo! I told him that I had worked really hard when he was growing up to keep that body mark free but he didn't listen to his mama and he got it anyways. Well, I did convince myself that he was a grown man and if he was going to do this then it was his decision....but I found it difficult, especially when he came home with a tattoo that I wasn't really happy with....fortunately, it is under his shirt and he rarely takes his shirt

I'm hoping to take it easy next week...although hubby has to have some medical test on Monday so we'll have to be at the hospital very early and I have to get into the dentist.....the stress of the March break program caused two of my molars to break........but I do have a massage scheduled for Thursday....and maybe I'll get back to my quilts! Ah!


Rachel Anne said...

YOU SURVIVED VBS! WooHoo! I can't believe you made all those crafts. You deserve a medal of honor. I'll say a prayer for the kids to come back with their parents for the program.

Sorry about the tattoo. My daughter came home with a small nose ring her freshman year. The hole has long closed....and she did look pretty cute with it....but it was one of those moments that I realized she was going to make some of those decisions that would make me cringe a little. I'll bet the young man under the tattoo is a pretty good guy with you for a mom :)

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Sounds like "busy" is an understatement for you. Please thank you son for his service to our country. Even if he has a tattoo. :)

Kerri said...

VBS -- wonderful memories! Congratulations on surviving~

My son has three tattoos. Definitely not a decision I'm happy about. Two you can see, but they are a crown of thorns and a Holy Spirit dove. The other one is HUGE and under his shirt on the side. He's so doggone skinny I can't stop to think how much it must have hurt!!!

Yesterday it was 60 here....first time it'd be above 50 degrees since Novemember. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!

Today it's kinda drippy but it's reminding me that the grass will be even greener soon and any remnant of snow will be gone quicker!

Thanks so much for stopping by for coffee -- it's always a pleasure to visit with you!

mholgate said...

I'm so glad that you made it through VBS! Good for you for planting all those seeds! God will reward you for your faithfulness!

My brother in law gets to come home on leave from Afghanistan next month for two weeks. I can hardly wait to see him. He's surprising my MIL with his trip home.

Take time to recover this weekend! "Recharge", like Rachel Anne suggested in her post yesterday.


Dawn said...

Wow I am tired just reading your post!! Thankfully you survived the week! ;)

Ugh,a tattoo! I don't mind them on others, but if it was my son I might just have a heart attack! So I am guessing it didn't say "I love MOM"...

Thanks for the coffee! I hope you have a wonderful, RELAXING weekend!

joyceandnorm said...

That's a great turnout. I hope they will come back with their parents.

Yup, he is grown. I know a youth (who was once my Sunday School student) who got 2 tattoos without her parents knowledge right before graduation!! And one was HUGE! Besides those with tattoos all over their bodies, this is the biggest one I have ever seen. Yikes!

Now that the VBS is over...I hope you are able to get some time off.

Alicia said...

That's ALOT of crafting!

Sorry to hear about your molars. That has got to hurt.

I can't comment on the tattoo, I have

Thanks for stopping by!

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

I'm with Alicia, I have ONE tattoo. But it's nothing offensive, just flowers.

VBS already? I thought that was only during the summer. Glad you survived!