Friday, October 29, 2010

Goings on....

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, it's been an interesting week but I'm determined only to speak of positive things today so goes!

I'm thinking.........thinking........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........

okay...well, that's not happening......, I'll stick to the facts... :0)

* today eldest daughter is leaving her family and flying to ...wait for this....TEXAS! ...all by herself!.....she even has a layover...somewhere.....I think she's a little concerned about travelling on her own ..but I know she'll handle it just fine....hey...she has four little kids..she can handle anything! She's flying into DFW to partake in a music workshop for her Musikgarten classes that she teaches...this will allow her to add a different age level to her teaching classes....

* this weekend, I believe is the cutoff date for applications/resumes to be handed into a college/university in our city that has a position that would be perfect for eldest son to teach. Now, we're just praying that the Lord thinks it's the perfect spot for Ryan also. Ryan has his own's for professional reasons...not a chatty one like mine...but I was very impressed with it......I'd hire him...but then I'm a tiny bit should go and look at it...(it's also got some really cute pics of my grandbaby)....

*today, we need to go up to where we camp, where Maya, third eldest daughter is working...apparently they've decided to move the teams' base camp even further, instead of her being 2-1/4 hours away...she'll be more like 3-1/2 hours and I don't know how to get there on my own.....where she is now is a piece of cake...I've been driving there for over 30 years...but the new place...well, I could get there but I'm not very comfortable about it.....she wants us to come and get her guitars (acoustic and bass plus amp cause she doesn't wants to take them to the new camp), plus she needs us to bring her snow pants...apparently it's suppose to be a very snowy and cold winter...she'll need them....

*plus side...Megan went to her friend's house last night for a sleep over...that means 24 hours of respite from Megan...woohoo! ...sounds awful I know, but people have to live with her..take my word for it!

*a friend of mine, Kelly just finished 6 months of chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer....Praise the Lord! She considers herself a survivor...I'm really happy for her!

*because eldest daughter is going away..guess what.....the job she does in the children's program every Sunday will be mine...... oh. my.goodness. To say I'm NOT looking forward to this would be an understatement.....she does what we call the opening in the program..a 45 minute slot of high energy, music filled, game time, Bible filled, ...well, you get the idea.....did you see the high energy...ladies, anyone that knows me knows that that is NOT ME!!! So, I'll definitely be out of my element!

* this week I got to take my mom too the dentist...I can add it to my resume....I have to take kids to the dentist, the pediadontist, the orthodontist, and oh yes, took Ben to the Oral surgeon this week...he needs to have one impacted wisdom tooth removed next month.....and now my mom.....she has to go back too cause some of her fillings are sooooo old, like 25-30 years ,that they stopped doing there work (protecting the tooth) and now she has cavities underneath...goodness, makes me wonder about my old fillings..let's just not go there....geesh!

*I'll leave you with one last thing...not trying to sound mysterious but there's a situation with my hubby that we need to get checked out...don't want to go into it cause all the kids don't know about it yet...maybe it's nothing but just the same I'll feel better (I hope) after the doctor's visit on Tuesday...maybe you could remember him in your prayers..his name is Don.....thank you.

So, I hope you all have a great weekend......we're getting into November.....had a wee bit of a panic this week because Christmas is sooooo close and I haven't done any shopping yet...Lord have mercy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thank you Jesus...

Good Morning Company Girls....

The last few mornings the Lord has brought a particular song to my mind....I find the Lord does that for me, especially in times of great emotional stress......when my dad died just five months ago, I had barely heard the news,and while in that hotel room in Chicago , the song that almost immediately filled my heart was one that I couldn't even remember singing or hearing for a very long fact , I don't know when I did...maybe when I was a was the chorus of the song that went something like this....

'I shall know Him, I shall know Him,
When redeemed by His side I shall stand,
I shall know Him, I shall know Him,
By the prints of the nails in His hands'

...and thru my tears and anguish I could visualize my dad standing by our Lord, smiling from ear to ear, no longer in horrible pain and I cried out....'are you there dad...are you standing with Jesus?....and immediately I had that assurance that indeed he was......

The last few days another song has come to mind....I shared it with my daughter-in-law because this week we found out that our unborn grandbaby was already with the Lord....please pray for my son Ryan and my daughter-in-law Jennifer as they struggle thru this time of despair, of walking thru the valley of shadows.....

The song that the Lord gave to me also speaks of our was popular a few years back, sung by Nicole Mullins.....I've heard daughter Leslie sing it a few's a beautiful song with words that describe and remind us that when we try to limit God, try to put Him in a box that He's just so much greater than we could ever imagine...and even though we will not know the 'whys' this side of heaven that there is a 'why' and He is in control....

Who taught the sun to stand in the morning,........(it's shining this morning, as I type)
Who told the ocean that you can only come this far?
Who showed the moon where to hide til evening,
Whose words alone can catch a falling star?

Well, I know my Redeemer lives,
Yes, I know my Redeemer lives,
All of creation testify
This life within me cries
I know why my Redeemer lives....

The very God that spins things in orbit,
He runs to the weary , the worn and the weak ......(thank you Jesus, that's me)
And the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken
They CONQUERED death to bring me victory!!!

To take away my shame
And He lives forever I'll proclaim
That the payment for MY sin
Was the precious life He gave
But now He's alive
And there's an empty grave.

...lift your hands with me ladies and proclaim. even if our spirit is broken, we KNOW deep inside that we are being held up, we can go forward, we can testify......


...go to utube and listen to Nicole sing's powerful'll feel your heart soar thru your I think of my unborn child Leah, my unborn grandbabies Hayden and now this little one...I'm so glad that Jesus is there...He's always been there, thru my doubt, thru my tears, thru my anguish.....

I know my Redeemer lives! Hallelujah....thank you Jesus....

Friday, October 15, 2010

A lovely weekend...

Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, it seems like forever since I wrote a post! Things have been surely happening around here!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada.....and we went to Texas! Ya, I know...we're soooo patriotic! Hubby had been planning this since Spring, the onlylong holiday weekend that we'd be able to do it was on Thanksgiving. At first it didn't go over very well with all our kids...''re not going to be here!!!'.....but they did just fine without us...they even had a lovely turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

Anyways, back to Texas...last Thursday we flew out of Buffalo, did a layover in Maryland and then onto San Antonio! We arrived in time for some supper...hubby checked on his GPS for the nearest Chik-fil-a, which was in Southpark mall and we headed there. I do enjoy them....I wish we had them in Canada! We were staying in the Riverwalk Marriott (or the other way around....Marriott Riverwalk)......and it was just lovely....our room overlooked the Riverwalk....unfortunately it was right smack dab in the center of the two streets that run on either side so we got all the traffic noise too!...You couldn't leave the balcony door open at night if you wanted to they warned you that you could get crickets...or was it grasshoppers....coming in....I wonderedhow they could reach the tenth floor...but was lovely and relaxing...not a lot of activity....until the next afternoon....oh mygoodness.....there was a ladies conference across the street....Women of Joy I believe...they had several thousand ladies at it....I was soooooo wishing I could have joined them! I don't think hubby would have liked that...although he was trying to figure out how we could possibly get into the little Steven Curtis Chapman concert he gave there! I'm pretty sure a goodly amount of the ladies were staying at our hotel.....I've never heard so many beautiful southern accents all in one place! I remembered that fellow Company Girl Jen from Finding Heaven was suppose to be there....I kept searching all the ladies faces to see if I could see her but all I really knew of what she looked like was that little pic from her blog....anyways, I didn't see her....I told hubby that maybe I should just stand at the conference centre when all the ladies came streaming out with a know like the drivers do at airports....Jen for finding Heaven....this is Marie from And if Not..... but I'm really not that brave of a person...especially with thousands of ladies...I guess it would have been like finding a needle in a haystack!

Anyways....we visited a few historical not too far from the hotel...I think it was the Presidents Mansion or home...something like that...the thing that excited me the most was the sweet lady there asked if we were seniors! Hubby joked that I would be in a few weeks so that nice lady said she'd give me the dollar discount as an early birthday gift! My very first Seniors discount!!! Something to put in the memory book for sure! This place did have the most peaceful garden area you'd ever want to sit in...I was wishing I'd brought my book...I would have happily spent the rest of the day sitting in there enjoying the tranquility!

We also had lunch on the Riverwalk at a really nice Italian place , we've eaten at it before when we visited....., hubby looked over at me and said...oh, no a bird just pooped on your shirt sleeve..sure enough...the perfect ending to our lunch....sitting outside, a table right on the Riverwalk.....right under an overhang..where a stupid pigeon decided to rest it's weary bones and clean out it's system....yuck! It was a lovely lunch...really....and the waiter was really apologetic as he brought me a wet cloth to clean up......poor guy..he can't control the dumb birds...

It was a lovely weekend...the weather was perfect, the company was even better! I do love my hubby..he is the best!

It was a very long day of travelling on Monday...we left the hotel just before 11 a.m., returned the rental to the airport......left San Antonio, flew to Houston..then on to Chicago....a trillion hours of layover there...landed in Buffalo at midnight and arrived home just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday....yes...a very long travel day....I'm still trying to catch up....

Oh..and before we left for our holiday...eldest son and his wife called with the most excellent news...yes,..a new grandbaby is on the way....I see a new quilt needing to be made.....what fun!

Oh...and on the Emma front ...things have calmed down to some degree and we are(she is) going to weekly counselling sessions.............. time will tell....

Have a great weekend!

.....stupid blogger was acting up today and whenever I went back to correct a mistake it kept erasing the next in a few places my words run together...sorry couldn't figure out how to get it to stop doing that!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Good Morning Company Girls!

Well, it's another lovely fall day here in Southern Ontario...the sun is shining!...We haven't seen too much of that this usual, it's been a very busy week....appointments with dentists, went to quilt class where I'm learning how to make a stack and whack quilt, my siblings and my mom went to the cemetery on Wednesday to see my dad's was finally installed...looks lovely....

but today is hubby's day off...sometime today we have to get the grocery shopping done...and then tonight my one grandson, that I don't see very often..(his mom and dad aren't married and he's mostly with his mom), is coming to sleep should be interesting since we really haven't had any amount of time with him since Easter!

So..have a lovely weekend.....I am buying our turkey today cause next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving...I'm actually buying it for my kids to cook...cause we're not suppose to be Thursday hubby and I are suppose to fly to San Antonio for the weekend!!! He used his 25 year gift certificate from the company he works for to purchase a few nights at a hotel right on the Riverwalk...I'm very excited and looking forward to it soooo much! With everything that has happened in the last six months we truly need a break from all the things we've dealt with and continue to do so.

Have a great weekend!